A1 Dazzling Diamond Painting kits

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Welcome to Dazzling Diamond Painting.🙋‍♀️🖐🙏


D.D.P is South Australian based, owned and operated by 1 Mumma bear on a mission.🥳🥳

Here at Dazzling diamond painting, The entire process of all canvases are designed into diamond painting art form,  printed, cut, adhesive applied, Key Sheet and cover page printing, Compiling of all the Drills, Weighing, labelling filling zip-lock bags. Packaging and Posting, and this is all done by Lisa Eldridge Owner & Founder of Dazzling Diamond Painting in Adelaide, SA.

😲 Yep just 1 set of Mumma hands😲

Kits include high quality Drills.ALL designs are currently available in Square Drill ONLY. With intention for round in the future.  

To be the first to manufacture Australian "hand made" Diamond Paintings, from Adelaide South Australia, with top of the art printing equipment and supplies. 

Excluding the drills, which can only be purchased in China I have set out to do my absolute best in finding Australian suppliers to buy from. This being said, I have no control on where they have purchased their supplies, but I will continue supporting the small Australian sellers, by buying from them as I too am hoping to have the support of the general Australian diamond dotting community 🙏😊

But most importantly, to offer the best customer experience possible. I offer a very in depth 1 on 1 custom design journey. I don't give up easily on a wanted design. But if I need to, it's because I can't offer anything less than what I would enjoy dotting myself. 

I will follow-up and be by your side, from start to finish. Meaning until the finished canvas. I won't disregard emails, nor ignore any. (However, I have a very busy home life so please allow up to a week sometimes for a reply). 

I Love to receive feedback. Even if it is negative feedback, it will always be taken onboard with great intention of turning them into positive outcomes. Kind Regards, Lisa.

I received my Paw print tray today Thank you so very much Lisa I LOVE it. I highly recommend this lovely lady for all your Diamond painting needs. Such lovely customer service and lovely to deal with. Thank you Lisa & Kirsty keep up your AWESOME work 💜😘💜😘

Kirstie de Leeuw
Paw print tray AWESOME
Great service, fast shipping, and very reasonable prices for products of such quality!
QLD Australia
Product quality is top-notch. Shipping is fast. Customer service is AMAZING. I honestly can't recommend them enough.
S.A Australia
Lovely products. Great price and fast delivery. No hassle shopping. I will definitely be coming back
Kirsty court
S.A Australia

Lisa Eldridge


Dazzling Diamond Painting

I started my Diamond Painting Pens Adelaide Australia (DPPAA) business initially just short of two  and a half years ago, and although I did have a dream goal in mind of this being a business, it did start out as my hobby. Being an avid diamond painting person myself I wanted to create something different for customers, which is why all my pens are made from scratch, from pouring my resin moulds to turning and sanding on the lathe. I also provide 3D printed items at affordable prices, and also offer other accessories. 

With my DPPAA business accelerating I moved onto the next phase and goal/dream of producing diamond paintings/kits. I am the FIRST registered Australian, to have offered Australian made canvas's of diamond painting kits. I design and produce my own supply of diamond painting canvas's right here in Adelaide South Australia. AUSTRALIAN MADE DIAMOND PAINTING KITS.

I also try to source my supplies from Australian retailers.(excluding the resin drills)